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AW 16/17
SS 17
AW 17/18

We created an online shop for the Berlin based artist-collective LIVE FROM EARTH جماعتي . For each season gets its own individual treatment and Digital Art Direction.


St.Georg Club
St. Georg
Branding | Communication | Digital

We people darker than blue!

Branding and bespoke website for one of Berlin’s most v cool clubs. Bouncing letters and a dazzling shader on the website captures the vibe of one of their nights. Photography by Shirin Siebert.


Jana Schulz

Andy Alanis
Blaue Perle
Türkisch Leder

On behalf of the Goldrausch fellowship we had the opportunity to design a publication for the Berlin-based artist Jana Schulz.

24k Smart Card
Spatial Design

1000 x 24k

We applied a massive smart card, made out of more than 1000 leaves of gold onto the window of Nuremberg’s infamous blok bar.

Nike Sportswear
Plattenbau Dunk
Campaign | Communication | Spatial Design

Traum and Tristesse.
From the Grit and the Glory.
For the Concrete and the Sky.

Creative Direction for the launch campaign of the Nike Dunk Low. Inspired by the iconic concrete buildings widely known as “Plattenbau”– easily one of the most recognizable elements of the German urban landscape. Their uniform aesthetic was the inspiration for the hyperlocal, exclusive Berlin-focused product.

The duality of hope (TRAUM) and fatality (TRISTESSE) were explored in a manifesto film and we played on that yin/yang dynamic in the launch event, where influencers experienced gourmet dining by Michelin-starred chef Tim Raue with a monochrome landscape of an open sky hovering over their heads. The launch was exclusively done with Overkill, and a never seen before purchase experience in one of the most iconic plattenbau in the heart of Berlin. Individual keys to a plattenbau apartment instead of the actual product were handed to the winners of the raffle. Consumers were directed to the unique location, opening the door to a transformed plattenbau apartment with their own key. They were then invited to collect their pair from a building like wall construction, taking the plattenbau down 1 brick at a time, and revealing inspirational videos from our protagonists.

Creative Direction/Production: unfun
Photography/Film: Peter Wolff

Albrecht Dürer Gesellschaft
Kunstverein Nürnberg
Branding | Communication | Digital

Germany’s oldest arts association

The Kunstverein Nürnberg, founded in 1792, commissioned us to develop their new corporate design, typeface & web presence. The Albrecht typeface shares the characteristics and proportions of the Swiss Sans Serif typefaces of the 1950s, constructed from a perfect circle, the whole font family includes 9 cuts and 4 inline cuts.


Live From Earth
Branding | Communication


90s Hardcore is back in Style. We brought it back visually on occasion of a new event series called en-core. No speed-limit!

Tech Incubator
Branding | Communication | Digital

A tech family of entrepreneurs,
corporate and digital innovators.

ZOLLHOF is the new home for tech startups and digital innovators in the south of Germany. We helped them shape their identity with branding and event communications.


Institut fuer Zukunft

You have to know the past to predict the future.

Development of a digital experience for one of Germany’s most iconic clubs when it comes to electronic dance music: The Institut Für Zukunft in Leipzig.


Institut fuer Zukunft

Safer Clubbing

We are proud to contribute to the event series LEVEL レベル one of those important nights at Institut für Zukunft in Leipzig (Germany), inviting artists that play a role in promoting change in the music industry.

Kunstverein Nuremberg
Space Oddity
Concept | Communication | Spatial Design | Digital

A german-israeli capsule exhibition.

Holistic campaign creation for the group exhibition SPACE ODDITY, a collective of graphic artists from Nuremberg and the artist Ernst Sylvester. The exhibition brought together contemporary art from Israel and Germany. The modular spatial design sets the single works in relation to each other and fosters the emergence of a greater flexible unit.


Kunstverein Nuremberg

2014 – 2018

For the last 5 years we’ve been designing the publication for the annual end-of-the-year exhibition at Kunstverein Nürnberg – Germany’s oldest arts association.

Albrecht Dürer Gesellschaft —Kunstverein Nürnberg
Branding | Communication | Digital