Micropolitics of Billboards

Our struggle as a design studio to find a logotype incorporating what we feel is not only one, but multiple identities led us to explore un…

un… is a call to action for ourselves. un… not only as a branding but also as a code of practice.

With the billboard project we migrated the fluidity of our un… identity into a shape that is suitable for mainstream imagination. The studio’s DNA is deeply rooted in the micropolitics of these billboards; from friendship to crypto currency, from ‘word-pictures’ to low hierarchies, from file-handling to gun control, from legal standards to the beauty of vandalism…

With each billboard creating its own ecosystem, ranging from a psychedelic trip in the German alpine foothills, to a hazy night downtown NYC, un… is a vast landscape that “contains multitudes”. The billboards can be understood as mirrors reflecting our identity. As a design studio, “mirrors should reflect a little before throwing back images.” (Jean Cocteau, Le Sang d’un Poète)

Yours truly, un… fun.

Animation, Communication, Artwork

We created the artwork for GUNNA’s First No. 1 Billboard 200 album “WUNNA”. To describe who WUNNA is we looked under Creative Direction of Tal Midyan for answers in the stars. The cover contains an astrological breakdown of Wunna’s personality with a reinterpretation of his exact Natal Chart combined with a Vitruvian Pose.


Creative Direction in Collaboration with: Spike Jordan and Tal Midyan, Art Direction in Collaboration with: Tal Midyan, 3D and Motion Design: unfun, Collaborators: Ebonie Ward, Monica Brand and Cecilia Azcarate

Rap Caviar Pantheon

Rap Caviar is the most influential playlist in hiphop. In 2019 Spotify brought back RapCaviar Pantheon and turned the four up and coming artists of the year into statues that were exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum. With Cardi B, Jaden Smith, Gunna, Juice Wrld.

Under Concept and Global Creative Direction of Cecilia Azcarate for the Statues, content, event and exhibition we created 3D renderings and animations for OOH.


Creative Direction: Cecilia Azcarate, 3D and Motion Design together with: Alex destiny, Collaborators: Felipe Rocha, Heather Brodie, Ibra Ake, Payman Kassaie, Tara Fraser, Jenna Allchin, Tuma Basa, Carl Chery, Amber Grimes, Brittany Lewis, Director X, Driely Carter, Keith Oshiro, Cait Oppermann and more. 

Know Your Stuff
Branding, Digital, Campaign


For KYS we created a digital platform that offers consumers an easy access to a deeper un­der­stand­ing of the whole textile man­u­fac­tur­ing journey of their product. 


Art Direction, Design, Copywriting: unfun, Development: in collaboration with Stefan Endres

The Kids Are Not Allright
Max Rüting

The Kids Are Not Alright is a film by Max Rüting and Jacob Bauernfeind documenting the Hong Kong protests against the government which took place in 2019. This Personal, direct and uncensored film, accompanied by a soundtrack by Lucien Krampf, is an important snapshot of a generation fighting for their future.


Directed by: Max Rüting und Jacob Bauernfeind, Produced by Live From Earth, DOP Max Rüting, Music by Lucien Krampf, Sounddesign by Marlon Beatt, Movie title & artworks by unfun

SS19 Sell-In
Adidas Originals
Spatial Design

We created bespoke spatial concepts, that turned a 3800sqm warehouse into one coherent experience. Basic retail fixtures were elevated into art installations, incorporating the idea behind the individual product of the adidas Originals Spring/Summer 2019 Collection


Spatial Design in Collaboration with Christoph Hauf, Production: Markus Bischof

FW19 Sell-In Rails
Adidas Training
Spatial Design, Branding

The concept project “RAILS” was uniquely designed to showcase the Adidas Training Fall/Winter 2019 collection. One single fixture created of round-bar steel was multiplied and placed in 4 different ways to create a variety of possibilities in the space. The all in one object correspond with a Branding derived from its shape.


Creative Direction: unfun, Spatial Design in Collaboration with: Christoph Hauf, Graphic Design: unfun, Production: Markus Bischof, Christian Wirth, Project Management: Nina de Grave (adidas), Sina Fohrer (adidas), Carla Meseguer Garcia (adidas)

Christoph Hauf

Christoph Hauf  is a talented, young and upcoming German Product Designer. For the user experience we combined the simplicity of a children’s book with the high standard and preciseness of Christoph’s use of form and design language. The website approach corresponds to the same aesthetics of unpretentious visualizations with a detailed product description, keeping a sense of clarity and focus on the product design.



Design: unfun, 3D and Animation: Christoph Hauf, Photography: Christoph Hauf, Development: unfun

Travis Scott Astroworld
Animation, Typedesign

We collaborated with Spotify to create a teaser and promotion for Travis Scott’s long anticipated album, Astroworld. The original Houston theme park that inspired the album may be closed, but it never died. It has a vibe that everyone deserves to experience. The project aimed to create this by “reopening” Astroworld on August 3rd, 2018 – the day the album dropped, with animations and artworks featuring the song titles in the style of actual rollercoaster rides from the original “Astroworld” theme park.


In collaboration with Tal Midyan, 3D and Animation with: Alex destiny, Collaborators: Dan Brill, Payman Kassaie, Maxime Quoilin, Interns: Dave Weiss, Joseph Lanzinger

To Forgive EP

Lophiile is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Lakewood, Washington, US. For his ‘Forgive’ EP we collaborated with Brooklyn based agency, NoTricks, bringing to life their design concept and turning it into murmuration inspired animations. The particles react to the sound of the music designing an intelligence based swarm-like stimulation.

lophiile – You’ve Changed (Visualizer)


Design: Chris Albo (notricks), Animation: unfun, Project Management: Matty Yu (notricks) 

Animation, Campaign, Typedesign

We created animations for the opening of a brand new Rimowa flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo. With our take on UN-GRAVITY we let their products float in retro-futuristic environments. The artworks a accompanied by 70’s Sci-Fi inspired typography.


Art Direction and Design: unfun, Sound Design: SForce, 3D and Animation: Alex destiny

Teils, 22 x 28 cm
Marco Stanke

The book design for artist Marco Stanke could also be described as a deconstructed catalogue raisonné. We dissected and rearranged the artist’s works and documented it into this form of a catalogue. The 3 systematically, differently treated chapters, describe his Œuvre: canvases, installations and prints. The catalogue is completed by accompanying text and an index system where chaos meets an almost manic devotion to organize.


Concept and Design: unfun, Copywriting: Lars Blunck, Katharina Brauch, Johannes Listewnik, Photography: Maria Leonardo, Hendrix Jean, Galerie Bender, Marco Stanke, Printing: Pöge Druck

un fun